Sourcing and Nutrient Preservation

The Best Unflavored Farm Fed Whey - AGN Roots the ONLY truly Grass Fed Whey

The Best Grass Fed Whey Isolate

At A Greener Nutrition we are committed to:

  • Sustainable Agricultural Sourcing
  • Preserving Nutrient Quality
  • Preserving Biodiversity & Environment
  • Ensuring Traceability and Accreditation

Being Fully Traceable

As an added benefit of using small herds and utilizing family farm co-ops, we can access each cow through a unique identifier. This identifier is recorded in a centrally managed database and monitored to ensure we know precisely where each batch of milk came from down to each cow herself.

Traceability is another assurance we offer to ensure consistency season to season; you can have confidence in knowing you are getting the most nutritious authentic dairy protein possible.

Preserving Quality via Minimally Processing

Protein is fragile and is quickly cooked past nutritional benefits when processed at high temperatures. Unfortunately, the buzz word "undenatured" is used prolifically and to a very loose usage. Another term too often abused is "cold-processed."

Although New Zealand is widely thought of as the premier exporter of "grass-fed" whey, being the largest exporter of dairy products worldwide does not support the belief. The reality is that the largest ownership stake in NZ dairy is not NZ, but rather China. The Chinese own and operate most of the multinational dairy operations in NZ and process according to their standards. The Dairy produced is designed for stability in transit and not nutrition optimization.

The vast majority of their whey exports (different NZ regulations for dairy marked for export) have been exposed to 400⁰ F plus temperatures during processing to optimize shelf-life & stability while in transit, instantly rendering all micronutrients cooked & denatured. In contrast, we take care to control our processing temperatures to assure you our micro-nutrients & Protein Fractions are 100% intact.

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Ensuring Fidelity via Fully Pasteurized Grassfed Milk

In compliance with food safety regulations, all the Grassfed milk used to make our whey is pasteurized to ensure it is safe for your enjoyment.

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Each batch of milk is tested repeatedly from pick-up through processing to ensure its free from impurities and meets the highest industry standards.

Consuming products claiming to be "raw" even if just a marketing claim milk is extremely dangerous and can lead to severe illnesses. 

Sourcing ONLY from Certified Sustainable Farms

The quality of our products reflects our relationship with our world. We are continually striving to do better, be better, and achieve a genuinely sustainable milk supply with a minimal carbon footprint.

Our commitment to regenerative farming is why we meticulously source our whey from farms certified by the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS), a subsidiary of Origin Green, Ireland's national sustainability initiative. A Greener Nutrition is a massive advocate of Net Zero initiatives around carbon emissions.


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