Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

We are deeply committed to delivering a high-quality product and championing a greener path to sourcing nutrition. Should you feel discontent with your purchase, please get in touch with us at and detail your experience. We are here to assist and find a resolution. 

“Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period. No exceptions.”

 Replacement Request Reason Replacement Eligibility
Lost after confirmation of delivery  No
Damaged upon arrival (images shared) Yes
Inadvertent damage by customer during unboxing with sharp tool (cut pouch) No
Theft or Stolen after delivery confirmation No
Stomach Sensitivity  No
Returned to Sender or "lost" Yes
10 Day window expired No
Subscription order request No

We do ensure delivery. When a delivery confirmation is not issued, and the product is considered "lost" or "returned to the seller," we will process a replacement order without hesitation.

If your product arrives damaged, we offer replacements. All damaged upon-arrival claims are eligible for a replacement order if the damage is well-documented. Images of both the shipping box and the product pouch are required for our cost-recovery process.

If any damage occurs due to the customer's actions, such as cutting the package during unboxing (box cutter or blade), we kindly ask you to transfer the product to another container and hold yourself accountable. Please consider our ability to accurately assess the source of damage with high confidence through a visual assessment. 

We do not offer a blanket refund policy for opened or spent products. We do not provide refunds for damage or theft of parcels after the carrier issues delivery confirmation. We handle customer care case by case; however, products are sold "as-is," and "all sales are final."

For quality control and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns regardless of condition after 10 days from delivery. Within this return window, exchange requests may be made by contacting customer service. Return shipping is the customer's responsibility; it's advised to insure your return package.

 Replacement or Return Request Reason Replacement Eligibility
Damaged upon arrival (images shared) Yes
All other reasons including subscription mismanagement No

We recommend electing to join the Subscribe & Save program for many reasons other than for first-time or one-off orders. The savings inherent to the subscription feature hinge considerably upon the customers' successful management of their account orders with the full understanding of sale finality.

Important Note: Orders made through the Subscribe & Save program are NOT eligible for a refund or return for any reason.

Please proactively manage your subscription account to help us keep this program available (Subscribe & Save). 

If you processed your order through, please utilize their 24/7 Customer Service process to handle any shipping or return issues. We take customer personal data very seriously and, as such, are not privy to your personal information in any capacity when you order through Amazon orders made outside the customer service window (90 days from purchase) are not elgible for our exchange or replacement policy.