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What sets our grass Fed Whey Protein apart as the best? We firmly believe that the exceptional quality of life our cows experience has a direct and discernible impact on the superior quality of the grassfed milk they produce, which is evident in the excellence of our whey protein. Our farms' meticulous dedication allows us to achieve the pinnacle of grass-fed milk production. Every day, our farms go above and beyond, unwaveringly upholding and surpassing the highest standards of care to ensure the contentment of our grass-fed herds. The pivotal connection between contented cows and top-tier dairy production is undeniable.

The majority of our cows' lives are spent outdoors, approximately 90% of the year, and this is primarily due to the influence of Ireland's climatic conditions, which are marked by the impact of the clean and refreshing gulf stream air. This temperate climate ensures that our cows are shrouded in a natural environment, spared from the need for artificial ventilation that can all too often propagate infections and resultant stress.

Drawing a comparison from conventionally nurtured cows often fed nutrient-rich grains or USDA Organic certified cows captive to live within a CAFO, both of which are milked for too often, our truly grass-fed cows visit the milking parlor only twice a day. This intentional choice minimizes stress on each cow and substantially curbs the likelihood of logistical injuries. This thoughtful approach to milking further underscores our commitment to fostering our herds' well-being and elevating our product's quality. We were the first animal welfare-approved certified whey awarded this title in 2019.

Farm Fed Protein vs. Factory Fed

The realm of discoveries and research appears boundless, a logical consequence of our bodies functioning optimally under minimal stress conditions, fulfilling physiological requirements, and attaining stable equilibrium for these necessities. This principle extends to milk-producing creatures, as their stress levels profoundly influence them.

Diverging from the paradigm of global dairy conglomerates, often called CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), our animals lead lives replete with fullness, frequently extending beyond two decades. Throughout our journey, we have ascertained that unwavering consistency is a pivotal factor in fostering the impeccable cultivation and generation of milk.

Our operational framework guarantees an uninterrupted line of access for our animals to nourishment, water, bedding, and, perhaps most significantly, one another. They revel daily in a foreseeable and secure regimen, forging an environment conducive to their well-being.

The attainment of excellence in crafting grass-fed whey has not been and continues to remain far from fortunate. Instead, it is an outcome intrinsically tied to the significance we attribute to our enthusiasm and guiding principles in the pursuit of sourcing whey in an ethically sound manner.

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Sourcing the Best Whey - Small Herds & Big Bonds

In the rolling and undulating slopes Kilkenny Co, Ireland, you will find our sourcing. The amazing animals graze and grow old in cozy groups upon small family farms. Each cow possesses a name, a cherished title whispered by their devoted guardians. The grandest of these family farms, which form a web of grassy havens, boasts a humble population of less than 80 gentle cows.

The age-old tradition of dairy farming, a craft etched into the very fabric of our land, flows through time like a tranquil stream, passed from one generation of skilled artisans to the next, alongside the animals that become kin. This sacred dance of mutual growth and companionship has become a nearly forgotten symbiotic masterpiece.

In the heart of this enchanting landscape, animal well-being reigns supreme. Our cows embark upon a unhurried, predictable daily journey, guided by the tender hands of familiar stewards, who are as much a part of the land as the soil itself.

A life of serenity and ease guarantees the unvarying excellence of nutrient-rich, grass-fed whey, a testimony to the essence of AGN Roots' prowess. This isn't just farming; this is an ode to nature's harmony, a lyrical duet of Irish earth and her cherished inhabitants.

The Best Whey Protein Certifications (Not For Sale)

In the tranquil tapestry of our Irish farms, dairy cows gracefully amble along, preferring unhurried strolls over short distances. On these legacy homesteads, the proximity of the grazing fields to the milking parlor means that these gentle creatures tread a brief path.

This practice isn't just a whimsy; it's a sanctuary of comfort and safety. These animals receive natural sunlight while embracing the mist-laden saunter across beaten soil paths. Unlike the rigid concrete pathways of conventional farms, our animals are not exposed to the stresses and strain that come with a hoof on concrete.

At AGN Roots, the symphony of nature and harmony plays on. Our Grass-Fed whey, a true treasure, hails exclusively from dairy farms honored with the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) seal by A Greener World, a non-profit heralding a greener tomorrow.

A milestone to note, AGN Roots secured its place on the ASPCA's revered #shop-with-your-heart roster in 2021, an accolade reserved solely for the finest. This accolade is merit-based and can not be purchased.

Indeed, our AWA certification, carefully bestowed by the guardians of A Greener World, stands as the pinnacle of pasture-based animal welfare recognition offering the only entire life on pasture-based animal welfare certification.

This isn't merely a certification; it's a lifelong commitment to the well-being of our cherished animals, etching a legacy of compassion and respect into every blade of grass.

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Grass Fed Claim on Dairy Standards

Our cherished cows savor a diet that's predominantly 95% lush grass, kissed by the wholesome addition of clover for that extra touch of nourishment. To complete the plate, the remaining 5% or less comprises concentrated goodness, derived from fermented ensilage of our own pastures, a fragrant Ryegrass infusion. These concentrates step in at crucial junctures in the year, much like our own specialized diets during important phases, such as late gestation and early lactation.

With our heads held high, we lay claim to over 95% of our cows' sustenance originating from sprawling pastures. In the annals of late 2019, Ireland's esteemed national food board, Bord Bia, unveiled a groundbreaking achievement—the world's very first nationalized dairy grass-fed standard. This remarkable standard places the vigilant Irish government as a guardian, ensuring that all products bearing the "grass-fed" badge adhere to a commendable minimum of 90% grass-fed goodness, verified through meticulous audits.

This resolute national decree casts a spotlight on the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) in the United States, revealing the absence of robust label claim standards for dietary supplements, whey being no exception.

Across the ocean, the U.S.A. finds itself amidst a situation where more than 99% of protein tubs, with grand claims of grass-fed origins, actually stem from CAFOs—a stark contradiction. Until new legislative winds blow through, brands that operate under the umbrella of DSHEA are poised to capitalize and flood the market with whey of questionable quality, exquisitely flavored but nutritionally wanting.

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Who Makes the Best Whey Protein? 

A joyful ruminant, basking in a lifelong feast of grass, untouched by stress and tended with care, undoubtedly possesses the greatest potential for yielding the finest milk known to humankind.

In their innate design, these ruminant wonders take the organic essence of grass and weave it into milk, enriched with a symphony of proteins and fats. Cows, embodying the ruminant spirit, harbor stomachs divided into four harmonious compartments. In contrast, diets comprising corn, grains, and concentrated feeds can unsettle the delicate balance within ruminants, while the embrace of grass offers a banquet of supreme digestibility and comprehensive nourishment.

The gentle addition of clover to their culinary repertoire further fosters unwavering digestive harmony. Scientific revelations stand testament: as the ratio of fresh grass to corn silage in a dairy cow's diet tilts favorably towards the former, the yield and essence of milk's protein surge in a graceful ascent. The logic unfurls as follows:

Nourishing Diet (Lush Grass) Ecstatic Digestive System Epitome of Milk Quality Blossoms into the Finest Grassfed Whey The ruminant's stomach, a master of its own trade, lends a clear preference to the embrace of grass. This botanical alliance intricately synchronizes with the quartet of chambers—the Reticulum, Rumen, Omasum, and Abomasum—forming the ruminant's gut. This symphony orchestrates the perfect blend of alchemical agents, transforming the organic tapestry of plants into a symposium of concentrated proteins and fats.

Behold, the efficiency of a ruminant's stomach luxuriating on a grassfed regimen stands unparalleled. The very essence of nutrient potency (the intricate fractions of whey protein) woven within the milk surges with an elegance that surpasses even the most meticulously concocted TMRS - Total Mixed Ration System (an amalgamation of concentrates, feeds, corn silage, and more) that a cow might be coerced into.

In North America, TMRS systems dominate dairy farms and feedlots. Unlike New Zealand or Ireland, where year-round lush grass thrives on meeting the demand for grassfed milk, the USA falls short.

Remember, sourcing is only the first step. Successful outcomes require skillful processing. The richness of whey emerges from a preservation-focused approach; this starkly contrasts the stability, shellfire, and speed drivers that dominate the basis of design for most North American whey processing facilities. Delicate nitrogen-based proteins are carefully preserved, regardless of time or cost.

In this journey, preserving essence holds utmost importance. The conversion of milk to whey is an intricate art, where every instant and detail harmonizes to craft a nourishing symphony.

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