Shipping Information

Shipping Question & Answer

We offer Flat Rate Shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping details are calculated at checkout. Based on your delivery address and inventory locations, you may see that the "2-Day Delivery" option is available. Year to date, >70% of our orders are shipped at a 3-day rate or faster.

  Shipping Method Shipping Times Cost
  3-Day, 2-Day, & Next Day
1 - 3 Business Days $5
  Standard 3 - 7 Business Days $5
  Hawaii, Alaska, USTs Standard Shipping 5 - 10 Business Days $15

Monday - Friday: Orders placed before 2 pm EST are picked, packed, and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 2pm EST on Friday are shipped priority the following Monday.

Saturday & Sunday: Orders are processed and shipped priority the following Monday.

If the Next Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day Delivery shipment option is not available, only the "Standard Shipping" method will be visible with no dropdown menu options.

To optimize Domestic order delivery speeds, the sweet spot for placing an order -

  • Before 2 pm EST to guarantee the order is picked, packed, shipped the same day.
  • Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday to ensure delivery before the 1st non-business day.

Subscription Orders will ship the same day the order is processed. The processing occurs at 6 am EST on the reoccurring subscription date.

We do offer SHIPPING to Canada.

Shipping details are computed at checkout. The international shipping times listed below are typical and reflect fair expectations; however, they are not guaranteed.

  Shipping Method Shipping Times Cost
  Canada Standard 4 - 15 Business Days Rates

AGN Roots assumes responsibility for delivery. The price observed at checkout is the cost to deliver your item. 

International shipping is considered "Delivery Duty Unpaid" (DDU).

As the customer, you assume all responsibility for any tariff, duty, taxes, VAT, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.

We do not collect this beforehand, and cannot give you an estimate of the cost - charges vary around the world. For Canada orders, GST will likely be applicable regardless of carrier. 

Lost Packages & Misdeliveries

If a delivery is lost or fails to arrive (tracking is stuck "in-Transit"), you can expect a replacement shipment as soon as reasonably possible.

If a delivery is confirmed as "delivered" and the item is not received (stolen, delivered to a neighbor), we will file a claim and wait for a response from the carrier; we will not ship another item for replacement until the original wrongful delivery is addressed. Although reasons are often unknown, a short-staffed US Post Office / DHL may have misplaced, mislabelled, or overlooked your package. The items may still be located once you call attention to their absence via a claim with your local delivery service. As the recipient, please file a claim as soon as you spot a discrepancy and then forward the case/file number to our customer service email via Contact-Us.

To cover most of the current domestic shipping rates and provide affordable rates, we utilize a service that actively awards your delivery to a carrier capable of meeting the fastest shipping promise based on your address. The outcome of this process determines the carrier selection for your shipment.

USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, & Axle-Hire accept most orders.

Once your order has been awarded to a delivery service and a tracking number issued, you can expect an email or SMS text with the details (Tracking, Carrier Service, ETA).

If you are a repeat customer (address is in our system) and a particular carrier needs to be removed from the delivery award auction, please contact us with the carrier's name and we can submit this request.

Although we would greatly appreciate the ability to honor each customer's carrier preference, this function is unavailable. The reason for this is that prioritizing and/or restricting certain carriers over others interferes with the algorithm that allows us to fulfill orders in a cost-effective manner.

If your package is "in transit" and expected to arrive on time commensurate with the processed order's shipping method, upon request, AGN Roots will issue a refund when the items are returned.

Please consider, if your order processes via our Subscribe & Save feature, a return is not possible; please visit our Subscribe & Save page for more information

Return shipping is at the expense of the customer. The best thing to do here is reach out; we do our best to work with you. This scenario typically occurs when the item is late; please bear with us as we do not have large accounts with the shipping carriers and are 100% at their mercy.

If you are triggered, please remember -

  1. We are on your side
  2. We are committed to making things right
  3. Our customer service personnel are volunteers donating their time
  4. The average cost to ship a 3lb parcel as of January 2022 is ~$17 

Tracking your delivery and taking action soon after delivery confirmation is received in the event of a wrongful scan or misdelivery is the recipient's responsibility.

Before contacting AGN Roots Customer Service, please contact the shipping carrier and provide your tracking information for more details. Once the shipping carrier is contacted, please make us aware, allowing us to exert additional pressure from our end; often, this can speed things up.

If you cannot successfully navigate to a claim page by the carrier, no worries; please get in touch with us; we are here to assist. If tracking states "Delivered" and you contact us, we will open a claim with the carrier on your behalf if the window to file such a claim allows.

The window for cost recovery from a carrier with a mis-delivery is a mere 14 days. After these two weeks from delivery confirmation, there is no action to be taken; we invite you to open a case with the shipping service, but success is not likely.

Please understand - After the 14-day window from receiving a delivery confirmation ends, AGN Roots will only replace/refund a customer if the carrier allows reimbursement.

We can not stress this enough; please do everything you can to track your "delivered" item and take the appropriate, timely action if it has not arrived. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Once your payment has been completed and order confirmation generated, orders can only be canceled or changed by our customer service, with a very narrow window of time to do so. Orders eligible for post-order confirmation cancelation include 3-Day or Standard Shipping orders only.

Please Note - Cancellations or address updates on orders that ship via "Same Day," "Next Day," or "2nd Day" Monday through Thursday and Friday before 2 pm EST are not possible.

Cancellations of Subscription orders after Order Confirmation are not possible. 5 Days prior to a reoccurring order is processed, a notifcation is emailed. The expectation is to self manage your subscription.

Cancellations via the self-managed portal can take place anytime prior to the order processsing (6am EST).

Customer Service directed cancellations must be communicated by 6pm EST the night prior the execution of the processing (Order Confirmations).

For returns or refunds - in this case, the normal return process applies.

Once you place your order you will receive an “Order Confirmation” email from us. This email will contain all order details, including order number, shipping address, billing address, and an itemized list of the order. Please check Spam or Junk folders.

Once your order has shipped out from our fulfillment center, you will then receive a “Shipping Confirmation” email from us which contains an active tracking link.

Although we have very little influence over shipping once a pickup occurs, we will do our best to assist you. We expect you to do your best to contact the carrier via your tracking information as our customer service reach is limited once the package is en route. For any other questions or immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Subscription orders will default ship via "Standard" shipping method.

We recommend planning accordingly when managing your subscription; please allow 5-7 business days from your reoccurring processing date to ensure you receive your order on time.

To manage your subscription, please visit: Subscribe & Save

We ask that you please allow for possible delays. As much as we wish things were different, we can not control the shipment once released.

At AGN Roots, we guarantee the pick, pack, payment, and release of your product to the carrier that committed to the time frame in your order confirmation. After this point, we have very little visibility or influence on the carriers.

As soon as the package leaves our shop, expect to receive the tracking number in the form of a link to the carrier's online tracking information.

Although we guarantee to process and ship your item at the fastest speed stated on your order confirmation, our control ends there and thus we DO NOT guarantee delivery times.

If you follow these steps, the moment we are made aware of the carrier damage, a replacement will ship.

  1. Rest Assured We Got You Covered
  2. Please send us an email explaining the mess in a few sentences and include the order number and your name. Send email to -
  3. Attach a few photos of the shipping parcel AND the damaged pouch
  4. Expect an email with updated tracking ASAP.

Thank you for your patience and understanding; we are currently improving our pouch design to do our part.

Although it reduces shipping-related carbon emissions, we understand our flexible pouch comes at a cost regarding susceptibility to damage.

Luckily, our product goes through a strict quality control process before being shipped, and with your email, we can exert the due pressure on the shipping carrier to become better.

You can edit/update/remove items before completing your order. Once you have received the order confirmation via email/SMS, changes may only be possible on a weekend or holiday as the shipping carriers may be off and thus the shipping labels not printed on demand. To see if it is possible to update your order please contact us at as soon as possible.

If the wrong shipping address is entered and the item has already shipped you are responsible for contacting the resident of the address to recover your order. If an order was returned back to our facility because it was refused, or returned to sender due to the shipping address being inputted incorrectly, the order will be restocked and the order refunded minus shipping costs.

AGN Roots is not liable for any losses incurred if the customer has provided any incorrect details for their order. AGN Roots reserves the right not to issue a refund for product costs on orders never received, as a result of the incorrect details provided, however please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Suppose a customer leverages the efficiencies offered by PayPal, ShopPay (Shopify payment method), Apple Pay (mobile pay service), or any one-click payment application. In that case, it is important to note these payment methods take primacy and will likely overwrite any previously input shipping address at checkout.

The customer is 100% responsible for ensuring any payment method used to process orders contains an updated and desirable shipping address. Customer service cannot assist you in changing a shipping address after an order confirmation is issued.

Do you ship to _______ (insert country)?

I understand you're interested in receiving AGN Roots internationally.

Although we used to offer international deliveries, we quickly learned that customer management of delivery is much more valuable than depending on uncertain carriers.

How to Ship Internationally?

We have recently checked in with our international following to understand how our subscribers (routine customers) manage orders despite living outside the United States and Canada. The process is as follows - 

Step #1 - Create an account with a USA parcel forwarder.


Step #2 - Place an order on our website (leveraging $5 flat shipping) and follow the steps provided by the parcel forwarder to ensure delivery. 

The Parcel Forwarder manages the 2nd leg + final km delivery, so no matter where you are, you remain in complete control of your order. 

The domestic leg on 1-3 pouches remains $5 flat.