How Much Protein Do You Need?
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    Designed to cover the entire spectrum of activities, intensity, goals & body types. Learn more below about:  The Best Protein Intake Calculator!

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    Based on your selections, here is the recommended amount of protein (listed in grams) you should be consuming per day when training, and during the days you are resting. Meeting this amount of protein per day can be accomplished through a combination of meals and AGN Roots Grass-fed whey.

    On your training days, you should be averaging a total protein intake between A and B grams per day. C is the calculated maximum recommended amount of protein towards your daily intake goal from a whey protein supplement.

    On your Rest / Non-Training days, you should be averaging a protein intake of D grams.

    *The Minimum Recommended Protein intake if you pregnant with minimal activity is E grams per day*

    *The Minimum Recommended Protein intake if you are nursing (lactating) with minimal activity is F grams per day*

    We provide a calculated recommended range of protein intake per day with the understanding that every training day is not the same. Some days, you may need more protein than others and we firmly believe that if you listen closely, your body will tell you where the sweet spot is. Thank you!

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