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    Three Keys to the Best Grass-fed Whey

    Happy & Healthy Cows Make the Best Whey

    Happy Cows Make the most Nutrient Rich Milk - Whey Protein from Grassfed Farms is proven to have the most micro nutrients and BCAAs compared to grain fed cows from CAFOs
    We believe our cows’ quality of life directly translates into a quality product for our Whey. Our cows spend most of their lives outdoors enjoying Ireland’s clean, fresh air. The temperate climate keeps them in nature and out of forced ventilation, which can lead to the spread of unnecessary infection and stress. In comparison to the typical nutrient rich grain-fed cows who are milked up to 4 times a day, our grass-fed cows are milked twice-daily. Not only does this reduce stress on each individual cow, but also drastically reduces the chances of logistical injuries.

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    A Sustainable & Rich Grass-fed Environment

    Kilkenny, Ireland Makes the planet's Best Grassfed Whey
    Ireland is recognized globally as the "Emerald Isle" for great reasons.  It’s no wonder as to why AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey leads the industry with an Amino Acid profile that contains more than 10% of the BCAA concentration than the next best grass-fed sourced whey!

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    Committed to Making the Best Grassfed Whey

    The Best Unflavored Grassfed Whey 2020 - AGN Roots the ONLY truly Grassfed Whey
    AGN Roots is about one thing, and doing this one thing incredibly well.  We are committed to providing a truly grass-fed whey protein product of immense quality backed by a mountain of intricate details such that the claim "Grass-fed" becomes synonymous for exceeding the highest standards of nutrition for our bodies, well-being for our animals, and sustainability for our planet.  

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