Sourced the Right Whey...

Open book of Grassfed Dairy Farming - The Story of Grass-Fed Whey

"Sourced the right whey...

is about recognizing and embracing one of Mother Nature's most potent superfoods in a sustainable and regenerative system that remains undamaged by intervention. With the efforts to access this unique source of dense nutrition paired with a narrow focus on preservation-based processing, we are proud to support a greener, healthier future for our kids while offering a best-in-class truly grassfed whey protein."

- Adam S.

The Best unflavored Grass Fed whey

Preservation-based processing

Preservation-based processing for whey protein involves prioritizing the processing techniques at every stage of maturation using a selection criteria that ensures macro-nutrient retention.

This approach eliminates exposures to continuous pasteurization methods, pH altering agents, hyper-filtration methods endemic to native-whey processes, and much more.

By prioritizing preservation, the resulting whey protein maintains its integrity and offers a high-quality product with enhanced nutritional value that is not possible with alternative focusses (Extended Life or Stability-based processing common with NZ exports and domestic CAFOs / USDA Organic whey).