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    We Do One Thing

    We Make Grass-Fed Whey

    We’ve branded our Grass Fed Whey “Roots”, as this word embodies a principle connected to all things of value, especially your nutrition. True quality resides deep within the intricate details and complexities exclusive to cultivation and origin. What’s represented at surface may or may not represent what’s below.

    We believe that it is the culmination of these sourcing nuances that give strength and depth to the “roots” of our Grass-fed Whey. It is why we stand alone as the industry leader in quality and BCAA concentration, offering the ONLY unflavored Grass-fed whey protein certified with Informed Choice & Informed Sport. AGN Roots is the only Grass-Fed Whey sourced from farms certified by A Greener World (Animal Welfare Approved) which ensures your whey comes from Grass-Fed Cows who have spent their entire lives on pasture. 

    Our vision is to define the new standard of transparency surrounding the term “Grass-fed whey”. We directly contradict the current industry, saturated by sleek and minimalist marketing campaigns designed to keep your eyes fixed on the surface, while taking unverified credit for the “Grass-Fed” claim.  We all deserve better from the industry, and it is our hope that the era of offering “perceived health” for a premium, is coming to an end. It is our goal that the consumer has the resources and facts to make informed decisions, and where the data is lacking, to demand transparency from the industry. We set the standard in sharing the details behind our “Grass-Fed” claim with transparency at each step from grass, to cow, to your pouch of AGN roots.

    These significant distinctions and details include the finer points surrounding how the cows are raised, milked, and cared for. From climate (air quality and rain fall), carbon footprint, sustainable farming practices, to animal welfare and their physiological well-being and everything in between.  We are committed to providing the entire sourcing spectrum of information so you can know exactly what’s going into your body.

    Your health is the foundation for all you do in life, so we challenge you to dig deeper, ask questions, and discover the roots inherent to your nutrition goals!