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    Our Brand

    AGN "Roots" Grassfed Whey embodies a principle connected to all things of value, especially your nutrition; a high quality finished product stems from a collective of details exclusive to cultivation and origin. We value your nutrition and aim to raise the bar on the "Grassfed" Whey Isolate claim by providing endless details and assurances around sourcing. By providing certifications and assurances around sourcing you can count on our whey benefiting not only your nutrition, but also the environment, the animals, and farmers caring for them.

    Our Values

    We believe that our transparency in sourcing and commitment to nutrition & fitness give depth to the “roots” of our Grassfed Whey. It is why we stand alone as the industry leader in quality (macro-nutrients / protein fractions) and BCAA Concentration, offering the ONLY unflavored Grassfed whey protein certified with Informed Choice & Informed Sport. AGN Roots is the only Grassfed whey sourced from farms certified by A Greener World (Animal Welfare Approved) which ensures your whey comes from happy, grassfed cows who have spent their entire lives on pasture.   

    AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is the only whey protein on the #ASPCA  "Shop with Your Heart" Certified Brand List!

    Our Vision

    To define a new standard of transparency surrounding the term “Grassfed Whey” 

    WHY -

    Today's marketplace is saturated with sleek and minimalist marketing campaigns designed to keep your eyes fixed on the surface while taking unverified credit for the “Grassfed” claim.  It's the dilution of this under regulated claim, that we believe causes unintentional damage to several global initiatives daring to find traction against the cruelty of animals, abusive conventional farming practices, concentrated animal feeding centers (CAFOs), and mass pollution & carbon emissions. Therefore, it is our vision to define a new standard of transparency that can't be replicated through the sleek use of unchecked and unregulated claims, such as - "Transparent, Pure, Premium, Raw, Organic, Naked, Clean, 100% Grassfed etc..." 

    Our Strategy

    We all deserve better from the industry and it is our hope that the era of offering “perceived health” for a premium and at the expense of our animals & environment, is coming to an end. By making information visible and ensuring our community is exposed to the resources needed to make informed decisions we can help lead this effort. We encourage health & wellness enthusiasts to share with others the incentives and benefits associated with transparency in sourcing and to respectfully challenge unsupported marketing claims. By setting a consumer expectation for full disclosure and assurances at every step from earth to shaker bottle, we can help root out products and brands that are not what they claim.

    Interested in Helping?

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    Our Mission

    Through information and content, our mission is to highlight significant distinctions that make a Truly Grassfed & Sustainable Farming Operation stand apart from the lesser quality tub-whey.   

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    The AGN Roots, we work to inform and inspire the health & fitness community. When choosing your grassfed whey protein powder, consider the following:

    • Where and how are the animals raised that source this whey? 
    • In what country, or state is the grassfed dairy farm located?
    • What 3rd party assurances can be provided to substantiate the grassfed claim?

    Your health is the foundation for all you do in life. We challenge you to ask questions and discover the roots inherent to your nutrition goals!