AGN Roots Subscribe & Save 10% - Program Details

Welcome to AGN Roots Subscribe & Save Program

For your convenience, our S&S application is self-managed. You are in complete control of your preferences and the details surrounding your subscription.

For your convenience, the Customer Portal offers a fast and easy login-free experience.

Note: subscription accounts and your ability to self-manage can ONLY be accessed through an embedded link (see images below) sent via email currently in your email inbox (check spam folder) sent from moments after your initial order confirmation.

If you have successfully purchased AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey and toggled the S&S feature to save 10%, then you have been automatically enrolled in the self-managed application, and 90% of the setup is complete. 

The next step after your initial purchase is to gain secure access to the customer portal, which allows you to view, track, or change the details of your subscription plan at any time.

The following images reflect the process and allow for a smooth experience.

Question & Answer

Access to the Customer Portal arrives in the form of a direct link received in a New Subscription Email Notification. This email is sent automatically on behalf of when a subscription purchase is processed. Please check your spam or junk folders.

For your security, the access link to the Customer Portal expires after a few hours of the email being sent and any payment related links are secure behind two-factor authentication.

If your link has expired, you can quickly get a new link following the prompts in the access portal (from the expired link). If you deleted, lost, or have not received this email, you may request a subsequent "New Subscription Email" email be sent by contacting us.

Where Are the Options to Manage Subscription?

If you are "logged in" and see no options to manage your subscription; this typically happens when conflating the standard Shopify Account (for faster checkout) with the AGN Roots Subscription account (offsite application). In summary, there are 2 types of accounts associated with the Shopify storefront, you are most likely not in the right account.

Shopify Checkout Accounts - These types of accounts are optional and allow all customers to create an account during the checkout process. The benefit of this account is the speed at which checkout is possible if you aren't relying on your browser to populate the typical checkout fields: Name, Address, Payment etc. Creating a Checkout account on the website is optional. The alternative is checking out as a "guest" if bypassing this option is best. This type of account has an associated user name (email) and password. These accounts are not connected to your subscription account

Subscription Accounts - For your convenience, once you have purchased AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey by clicking the subscription button during checkout, your login-free customer portal is ready for you. The Subscription Customer Portal is hosted offline and DOES NOT require a user name & password. The subscription offers a fast and easy "login-free" experience tied to your email account. Clicking the link from your inbox is all that is needed to gain access and complete control over all your subscription details. Please save the email with the Customer Portal Link and click it to gain authenticated access. You can only edit your subscription details via the subscription account (customer portal), OR if you cannot gain access, send a note via the contact page, and we will either make the change or resend you the email links.

"How to Access the Customer Self Manage Portal?"

The Subscribe & Save feature is not a price-locking mechanism. If retail prices or shipping charges have changed since your election, the email you receive before the order is processed will reflect the latest adjustments and serve as notice.

Subscription orders will default ship via "Standard" shipping method.

We recommend allowing 5-7 business days from your reoccurring processing date to ensure you receive your order as expected. All orders processed on our website ship at a flat rate of $5 per order up to the maximum order quantity of 3 Pouches (9 lbs.)

The Customer Portal allows you to update the following information -

  • Skip Next Delivery: Skip the upcoming scheduled order
  • Update Payment: Trigger an "update payment" notification from Shopify
  • Update Shipping Address: Update the delivery address of your subscription delivery
  • Cancel Subscription: You can cancel anytime
  • Update Qty: Increase or Decrease the product quantity in your subscription plan

View next delivery date - The next date you can expect to be charged for a subscription order coincides with the order date.

Please note: Standard Shipping Rates require 3-7 Business Days from the order/charge date for delivery. Please account for this when forecasting subsequent orders.

Skip the next delivery - Allows you to skip the next order, in case of vacation, out of town, overstocked, or for any other reason.

Update Payment Information - Allows you to to change the credit card on file for automatic processing.

Cancel the Subscription - Yes, you have the option to cancel your subscription anytime. If you are having technical difficulties, please click "Contact Us" and simply let us know. Be sure to use the name and contact info used to checkout on your last purchase. Once cancelled you can expect to receive a notification email confirming the cancelation + automated email to further verify.

I Canceled My Subscription... I Want a Refund - After you have successfully canceled your subscription, you will immedaitley receive a cancellation confirmation via email. If a subsequent order is processed or shipped after this confirmation, rest assured you can expect a full refund, AGN Roots takes full accountability for our mistakes.

We do not entertain refunding customers for cancellation claims that can not be verified via the confirmation email. If you have other forms of evidence verifying cancellation directives or validation from AGN Roots, we will honor it.

Yes - Please utilize the "Contact Us" feature and send the details and we'll gladly customize your subscription frequency

You can fully manage your reoccurring deliveries, including skipping a scheduled order or canceling the subscription anytime. Three days before your order processes, you are sent a notification email detailing your upcoming subscription shipment date. Please do not wait until the shipping date to cancel or skip the order.

6 pm EST the day before your reoccurring order date, is the cut-off time to contact us for an adjustment (skip, cancel, change of address).

However, you may gain access to your subscription account and take action up until the point the order processes. Please consider that these orders are picked, packed, and labeled the night prior for shipment first thing the following morning. This process allows us to provide the fastest shipping experience possible.

These subscription emails are most likely filed into a folder you are not accustomed to checking regularly. To date, we have not had a single customer not successfully find these emails once the hunt started. Although you may believe you did not receive these emails, if the digital receipt we received reflected a bounce rather than a digital handshake, we would have contacted you already; so let us cover the basics and assist where we can.

All of the AGN Roots Subscribe & Save email notifications are sent from This is the same email address as your Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation emails; the only difference is that Subscription emails are initially filtered by most email platforms by default rules most of us do not know exist

Please check the Spam & Junk folders. Tip: Searching terms via a search bar at the top of your inbox may not cover many spam or junk folders; thus, please navigate accordingly

Gmail Account Users - The default rules endemic to google email accounts will auto-filter "subscription" type emails to either your "Promotions" tab or a "Spam" Folder. If you know the date of your original order, that is the date you would have received the original subscription access email (maybe start there).

Once you have found a single AGN Roots Subscribe & Save Notification Email in one of these "non-inbox" catch-all folders, please move it into your inbox to take advantage of Gmail's machine learning capabilities; this action ensures these emails will find your main inbox next time. If you can not locate these emails, you can always ask us to update your account with a different email account, or we will gladly cancel the account and move forward. Thank you!