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    The Best Unflavored Grassfed Whey of 2020

    Ensuring our Grass-Fed Whey is sourced from lively animals, free-to-roam on pastures their entire lives, using truly sustainable, high welfare farming practices is our promise in every pouch of AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey and the key to providing the best.

    We back our promise up by only sourcing milk from farms that are Animal Welfare Approved by AGW (A Greener World). This standard assures our animals the freedom to live naturally and behave instinctively, which is essential to their health and well-being (i.e. their happiness). The provisions afforded to ensure social interaction, comfort, and psychological well-being go well above and beyond the standards of your typical “organic” or “Grass-fed” claims.

    At the end of the day, there are no substitutes for compassion, and there are no short cuts around sustainable farming. We provide the best Grass-fed whey in the world, from the best farmers in the world, from milk made by the happiest dairy cows in the world.


    AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is certified with Informed Choice & Informed Sport for consumer peace of mind. AGN Roots Grassfed Whey is also certified by A Greener World (The Only Entire Life on Pasture Based Animal Welfare Certification) as part of our commitment to ONLY source from the absolute best dairy farmers on the planet.


    AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Growth Hormone Free, Soy Free and Gluten-Free.


    Our Grass Fed Whey is sourced exclusively sourced from independent farms on the south east coast of Ireland certified by A Greener World to bring you the best sourced Grassfed whey packed full of essential amino acids (Industry leading BCAA concentration), clean protein and glutathione.


    25g of Protein, 6.5g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), no sugar, no fat, and at a lean 110 calories per serving.


    Unlike most whey protein powders, AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey is cold processed to ensure zero contamination from chemical detergents (no acid or bleach), synthetic additives, or heavy metals, and this maintains important naturally occurring growth factors.


    Our unflavored whey is preferred by many with simply water; if you would like to spice it up however, add a banana or some fresh berries to create the best post workout recovery shake tailored to your liking.

    Greater than 95% Grassfed -

    Our grass-fed whey comes from cows whose lifetime diet consists on average greater than 95% grass. Although it’s a common marketing ploy to represent products as “100% Grass-fed”, for those truly in the dairy industry, this claim is simply a falsity. The reality is that when you read a protein product label that claims, “grass-fed protein”, if the label doesn’t specify what percentage of their herd’s diet is grass/silage, OR if the label claims “100% grass-fed”, you should walk away. At this point, it’s fair to question if the brand is simply repackaging a turn key ingredient and has zero ties to the upstream supply chain farms that actually produces milk and takes care of animals.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact - 

    The facts are, that even the best of the best of Grass-fed farms in the world are not able to reach grass-fed % levels greater than 95%. There are several reasons for this and thus critical you are informed and demanding of the correct information. AGN Roots Whey comes from cows that dine on a diet of at least 95% grass with a little added clover for nutrition. The other 5% (or less) comes from concentrates to enhance specific nutrients to support the animal during key stages in their development, such as late gestation and early lactation. The “100% Grass-fed” claims are at best, a falsity and at worst, wildly inhumane.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact -

    Fonterra is the 5th largest diary company in the world and consists of over 10,500 dairy farms in New Zealand. If you buy Grass-fed Whey from New Zealand (the world’s largest exporter), there’s a good chance it comes from a Fonterra owned farm. Well of Fonterra’s dairy farms, regardless of the ultra-high-temp-short-time (UHTST) processing temperatures which optimize exporting capabilities and not quality, Fonterra’s definition of “grass-fed” is defined by an 80% diet of grass silage, hay, and forage crops. This detail will not be on the package. Would you pay the same premium price for a protein that’s 20% grass-fed vs. 95%?

    Location Matters -

    Grasslands require a specific climate. They require rainfall to support a truly Grass-fed livestock. Examples of popular and very legitimate Grass-fed dairy farms:

      • Ireland ~1200 mm per year average precipitation
      • New Zealand ~ 800 - 1600 mm per year average precipitation depending on coast
      • Wisconsin ~ 875 mm per year average precipitation
      • Northern California ~ 500 mm per average precipitation

    As you can see, there are plenty of locations around the globe capable of supporting a lush grassland given the precipitation requirements. Where Ireland becomes superior – The soil remains alkaline no matter how much rain has fallen, and thus is naturally beneficial for consistent grass-growth. When comparing to the other locations, whether it’s a drought in California, or 3,500 mm of rain in Auckland, the consistency of the grass is wildly impacted and requires massive intervention due to climate variants.

    Perspective -

    For all the reasons wine can be categorized by vintage. If you are consuming Whey from areas known for wild swings in climate, have you been able to notice difference from batch to batch in smell, taste, color? Well, has the label accounted for this change, or are these variable products still being sold in a tub with the words “grass-fed”, with zero details to support? Hmmm….

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact -

    The creamy yellowish color from the whey is from a pigment called Carotin. Carotin transfers into the fat of the milk from the green feed, and if the cows stick to a routine and are truly grass-fed, this color should be consistent. Otherwise inconsistency can yield a wide range of green to yellow hues which can easily be amplified if the finished product isn’t protected by a UV barrier final package. The reason why Ireland produces the best grass-fed milk, cheese, yogurt, and Whey in the world is due to the limited variants in weather and soil health.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact –

    If your whey varies in color drastically from batch to batch, this is most likely due to the brand’s sourcing methods. By obtaining whey from various cheese manufacturers, depending on the cheese and the colorant added (think yellow cheddar vs, white cheddar – the only difference is the colorant) your whey will contain these variations.



    We believe our planet’s architect got it right the first time; cows were never meant to eat grain as they are ruminants by design.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact -

    Animals with ruminant digestive systems are not built to handle the high acids associated with grain (organic or not), but rather these animals are specifically designed to ferment plant-based foods for nutrition extraction. Ultimately these digestive systems literally convert organic plant life into milk that's rich in fat and protein.  The story of grain being introduced to cows begins and ends with the only objective of optimizing the quantity of milk produced. When cows have access to their natural food source as the majority makeup of their diet however, the micro nutrient quality and not simply milk quantity becomes optimal.  These nutrients include:

    Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) -

    Grass-fed milk from humanely treated livestock will contain a higher concentration of BCAAs compared to any other dairy farming practices/diets.

    Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAS) -

    CLA naturally occurs in milk; however, milk derived from grass-fed cows has twice the level compared to grain fed.

    Omega Fatty Acids -

    Grass-fed milk has a more optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Milk from grass-fed systems has a higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, which is favorable when compared with milk from grain-fed systems.

    Beta Carotene -

    You can thank beta carotene for the rich golden hue often associated with products derived from grass-fed milk.


    This is great question and one that should concern most consumers when being led to pay a premium for a product that falsely claims to be grass-fed. Grass-fed milk is costlier to produce compared to conventional milk due to the costs associated with adhering to the standards and principles of sustainable Grass-fed farming. These costs include:

    Land -

    The acreage required to support each cow is up to 70 % greater for Grass-fed farms.  Have you ever wondered why there are products out there that are incredibly cheap?  With the advent of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), cows live each day in essentially a plot of land that allows the to stand in a single direction all day with both their sides touching another animal.  We do our best to expose these inhumane farming practices, especially products that use the "grass-fed" claim to market products derived from CAFOs. 

    Economies of Scale -

    Grass-fed dairy farms are up to 90 % smaller compared to conventional farms with similar fixed capital & operational expenditures, thus a drastically reduced economies of scale compared to conventional farms.

    Farming intensity -

    Less milk is produced per cow on strict grass-fed farms compared to conventional farms. The reduced yield can range upwards of 35%. Our cows attend the milk parlor only twice per day, very little compared to a bovine fed a nutrient rich grain diet able to be milked several times per day.  Remember, grain diets optimize quantity at the sacrifice of quality.

    Supply & Demand -

    The demand for both Organic and Grass-fed milk continues to increase, while the supply is limited by geography, rainfall, & acreage.


    When we say “happy cows make the healthiest milk”, we mean it.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact -

    A Greener World is the assurance body that certifies our farms as “Animal-Welfare Approved”. Their ISO/IEC Guide 17065 accreditation guarantees independence and impartiality, in fact, AGW certifies only independent farms and is 100% free to farmers: AGW has no financial incentive in certification, resulting in an unrivaled level of independence in auditing.

    The Truly Grass-fed Co-Op -

    AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey is sourced from farms that are also members of the Truly Grass-fed Co-op.  To learn more about the Truly Grass-fed operations in Ireland, please visit this website

    The AGW Animal Welfare Approved Seal -

    This AGW seal allows us to guarantee that our whey is produced from animals raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on independently owned farms using truly sustainable, high-welfare farming practices. It is the only label in the U.S. to require auditing and demonstrates our farmer’s commitment to the care of their animals, the land, and the local community. Our farmers are easily distinguished by having a humane and conscientious bond with their animals. When taking AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey, you can rest assured that our cows are happy & healthy with these guarantees:

    The Quality is in the Details -

      - Our Cows always have access to clean and fresh water.

      - Our Cows have continuous outdoor access to unpolluted pastures which is sadly a very common farming practice with farms that rely on liquid manure to fertilize soils.

      - Our cows are gently handled in a calm and consistent manner not exposed to loud noises or any quick movements. Even chutes are all designed to minimize stress and to promote healthy normal breathing rhythms during transport from pasture to shelter and visa versa.

      - Our cows when inside due to harsh whether are housed with full access to lying areas, loafing areas, feeding areas with space to fulfill their behavioral needs and desires – FREEDOM! These facilities are also lit with natural light.

    In the daytime, to assure physiological well-being, our animals ALWAYS have a line of site and access to each other, their food, and their water.
    Bedding is also abundant and 100% free of any chemical treatment to ensure comfort.

    To learn more about the Animal Welfare Approved guarantee visit – A Greener World.

    We at AGN Roots whole-heatedly believe that the best milk is just a by product of treating our animals as loved ones and providing what is needed to stay happy and healthy!


    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact -

    Proteins are fragile especially when exposed to heat. If the sourcing country focuses primarily on exporting diary products in high volume, it's not uncommon for milk (for export) to be exposed to ultra high-temp short-time pasteurization. These extremely damaging but efficient flash pasteurization processes often destroy the peptides needed to keep your amino acids and protein blocks intact.

    What this means for you -

    If you are relying on whey protein powder for specific macro targeting, you may not be hitting the numbers needed to satisfy your body's needs.  Study after study on UHT (Ultra High Temp) pasteurization suggests structural modifications (denaturing) occur in the proteins especially those belonging to the casein micelles.  For whey protein, the attraction to consumers resides in the branched-chain amino acid concentrations which also can be rendered nutritionally unavailable when shelf life and stability become the most important drivers in the processing.  These drivers are endemic to countries like New Zealand who's diary production serves global demand as the largest exporter in the world.   The faster they can process and ship, and the longer the product stays stable, the better. 

    Safety First -

    To be clear, any milk that is exposed to a pasteurization process (even low temp - 64C or 145F) is "denatured" to some degree when compared to raw milk. Although the "degree" of structural alterations can matter, consuming "raw" milk can be wildly dangerous, thus "low temp" is by far the best option!


    Smaller the Herd the Better -

    We are proud to claim that AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey comes from cows who pass away from old age and live closer to 20+ years versus 5 years and then slaughter like many modern operations. On average, each "herd" is made up of ONLY 80 cows belonging to individual independent farm.  On these farms, there are 2 acres for every 1 cow to give you an idea of the space and freedom these animals have access to to their entire lives.  This freedom on pasture is a big part of the "Animal Welfare Approved" certification our product carries; the AWA seal represents an entire life on pasture audit.

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact - 

    A large portion of the world's greatest butter, milk, and cheeses are also made in Ireland. On the other-side of the spectrum, animals living in CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) conditions are very stressed, and these stresses take a toll on what the animal's body is capable of. Not to mention, the lifespan difference between a diary cow in the USA subject to CAFO conditions is < 5 years before the animal is often sent to slaughter.

    The Benefits of a Small Herd?

    - Each cow receives more individual attention.
    - Generations of masters and animals live and grow together, making this symbiotic lifestyle a reality.
    - Animal welfare is truly at a premium on Irish farms and the quality of milk produced is the result, and thus AGN Roots Whey.


    Entire Life on Pasture Certified -

    AGN Roots sources exclusively from small independent farms certified by A Greener World & also belonging to the Truly Grass-Fed Co-Op. The Truly Grass-fed systems ensures our milk comes from cows that dine on at least 95% grass (36 month Trailing Average) with natural clover added for digestion and to help the sustainability of the grassland being grazed on (keeps soil’s nitrogen composition in balance). The remaining 5% (or less) actually comes from concentrates to enhance specific nutrients for our cows at key stages in their development, such as late gestation and early lactation.  Not only do we ensure our cows feed where mother nature intended, our product is certified by AGW which assures our customers via independent audit that our cows naturally graze on pasture their entire lives!

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact - 

    We recognize the supplement industry loves to market the label claim & phrase "100% Grass-fed Whey".  For those who are familiar with the progressive grass-fed diary industry, this claim serves as a giant "red flag". 

    "100% Grass-fed" is a Giant RED FLAG -

    There are several interpretations of a product that states "100% Grassfed Whey" used by these brands that allows them to wiggle when challenged, these interpretations include: 

    - The product only contains what the seller is claiming to be grass-fed whey, thus “100% grass-fed whey”.
    - The brand sources whey from farms that put the animals through a "grass-fed finishing process".

    - The Brand has zero clue where the product comes from and is simply marketing it as "100% Grass-fed" because this claim has power behind it and no regulatory enforcement, YET. 

    To most consumers however, the brands count on this claim to be interpreted as, “this product is from cows who roam on pasture and only eat grass – buy me, buy me”.  

    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Fact - 

    There are no dairy farms in existence that limit their herd's diet to ONLY grass (100%) as this would be wildly irresponsible and dangerous for the animals development periods. 

    The Unfortunate Truth -

     Due to lack of regulation on this "100% Grass-fed" claim, the accountability falls on the consumer to pressure these brands by digging deeper and asking questions like, "Can you show me where this product is sourced and the details around this claim?" 

    The AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey Answer -

    Our Grassfed whey is certified with Informed Choice & Informed Sport both assurances to our customers that our product is sourced EXACTLY where we claim it to be source.Our Grassfed whey is certified  by AGW to assure our livestock that produces this product has spent their entire life on pasture, and not simply put through a 30 day "grass-fed finishing" process. 


    Cold Processed -

    Sometimes called “cold pressed,” this type of whey has never been exposed to high temperatures, meaning above temperatures that are considered low temp pasteurization levels.


    The Best Grassfed Whey Fun Facts - 

    Typically, whey protein starts its life as milk that has been exposed to heat or other curdling agents. This heat separates the liquid whey from the solid casein and allows these portions to be used individually. The heat required for this process, though, is relatively minor and does not cause any major damage to the nutrients that naturally occur in whey. However, all dairy products sold in the United States must be pasteurized – a process that requires exposing the product to heat.


    To save money and reduce the chance of any contamination, most companies decide to pasteurize at over 200 degrees when the FDA minimum is only 160. So, what’s the difference between 160 and 200 degrees? A lot. That temperature difference denatures many of the amino acids that make whey so valuable – making them less available to your body's receptors. But, that’s not all. Whey contains a lot more than just protein; There are many other potent nutrients in that pouch, substances that can improve your blood pressure, immune health and cognitive function. Keeping all these substances intact, no doubt is a benefit to your nutrition!
    AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey (3 lbs) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 10 reviews.