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    The Best Protein Powder After Bariatric Surgery

    Best Whey Protein After Bariatric Surgery for Recovery

    What is the best post-bariatric surgery whey protein powder?

    For weight-loss post-surgical recovery, being mindful of the newly sensitive stomach environment is critical when selecting the best possible grassfed whey to meet your macro protein needs. There are several options and some essential features to keep in mind. 

    Why Is Grassfed Whey Best For Recovering From Weight-Loss Surgery?

    You can't go wrong by choosing a grassfed whey protein isolate.  AGN Roots truly grassfed whey leads the market in providing the lowest in heavy-metal concentrations. Exposing the stomach to contaminated whey protein may have the exact opposite effect you were hoping to achieve.

    AGN Roots Grassfed Whey contains the highest whey protein macro-nutrient density. Macro-nutrients include branched-chain amino acids, glutathione, and lactoferrin. When it comes to Gastrointestinal tract recovery from bariatric surgery, sourcing matters more than ever!

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    Is Grassfed Whey A Good Anti-Inflammatory?

    Is Grassfed Whey A Natural Anti-Inflammatory?

    Does Grassfed Isolate Whey Protein Powder Reduce Inflammation?

    Grassfed whey protein is known to reduce inflammation. Not only is it a lean protein, but did you know that grassfed whey contains properties that can specifically target inflammation? 

    AGN Roots Grass Fed Whey is sourced from year-round, pasture-fed cows in southeast Ireland. Studies have shown there is a significant difference in the biochemical composition of a cow’s milk-based on its diet. Pasture fed dairy is known to have a higher concentration of inflammation-reducing Omega 3 fatty acids along with Lactoferrin relative to its grain-fed competition.

    Another lesser-known benefit of undenatured whey protein is that it boosts glutathione production. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant naturally produced in every cell of the body. As an antioxidant, it is also a potent anti-inflammatory. 

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    Whey Protein Concentrate vs Whey Protein Isolate

    Whats the difference between Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate ?

    What is better...  Whey Protein Concentrate, or Whey Protein Isolate ?

    In the space of grassfed whey protein options particularly the choice between a whey protein concentrate or a whey protein isolate, its not common knowledge to know all the nuances.  Despite the major differences being relatively straightforward, all the marketing out there has become frustrating at best and wildly intimidating more times than not.  The lack honest information around the whey protein industry is why we love to write and has become the guiding force behind AGN Roots Grassfed Whey!

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    Why Is My Grassfed Whey Slightly Yellow In Color?

    Why is Grassfed whey more yellow ?

    A Few Reasons as to Why your Whey Protein Changes Colors

    Have you ever noticed the color of you grassfed whey protein?  Is it white, is it yellowish? Have you ever thought to yourself, why is that?  This article covers the main reasons why Grassfed whey should not be snow-white, but rather reflect a yellowish hue due to the natural beta-carotene within the milk as a result from a superior grassfed diet.

    Note: brands that dye their milk to make yellow cheese will often take credit for the color being a natural result of their cow's grassfed diet. The reality is, their product is the consistent with whatever cheddar is being made during that time, white, yellow, orange etc... So If your whey looks like Donald Trump, it's probably from cheddar dye, and not natural Beta-Carotene due to a year-round grassfed diet.  

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