2022 Price Increase - Explained

2022 Price Increase - AGN Roots

In 2020, AGN Roots brought the 1st animal welfare-approved certified grass-fed whey product to market. To date, we have not wondered off course; instead, we continue to work towards getting better at the single promise we made to our customers - to source truly grass-fed whey the right whey™.

We have done everything possible to absorb the rapid onset of cost increases over the last two years; the burden placed on operations from worldwide economic pressures has reached every facet of our business, from farm to doorstep delivery and still rising.

As we hope that commodity increases calm down globally—whey, in this case, shares equivalent economic pressures as milk, which continues to disrupt our supply chain.

Unfortunately, prices for many food commodities, especially milk, are touching multi-year highs amid inflation and lagging pandemic-induced shipping and logistics snags, not to mention the adverse weather that naturally takes a toll on milk production.

The silver lining - IF you are set on consuming Truly Grass-Fed Whey (the best whey on the planet by far), our price after the latest increase is still the most cost-competitive side-by-side with any similarly sourced brand.

Expectations - 2022 Price Increase

Prices will impact the checkout cart in two stages.

Stage #1: Product Price with Subscribe & Save Launch (January 2022)

Stage #2: $5 Flat Rate Shipping (March 2022)

Efforts to be the most cost-competitive continue to be a priority; we have done extensive research on all the options out there to ensure our loyal customers maintain access to Truly Grass-Fed dairy nutrition.

We'll be the first to share a more affordable solution with you if we discover one. Brands offering high-quality Irish dairy protein are not competitors of ours rather worthy partners pulling from the same side of the rope as AGN Roots.

We have looked at many eCommerce platforms programs like Subscribe & Save, Discounts, Free Shipping thresholds and still believe that even with the latest price adjustments, AGN Roots remains wildly competitive.

A quick look at a visual representation of comparably sourced whey on the Amazon platform can be found here - Link.

Our mission will remain the same in 2022. We sincerely appreciate you choosing AGN Roots and supporting the sourcing of grass-fed whey the right way.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to respond to questions@agnroots.com. Thank you for your time and support.


~ Sarah, Adam, Jacob,

The AGN Roots Family